How Can the Queer Lounge Promote My Film?

Your film MUST be an Official Selection of the Sundance 2005 or a concurrent Park City film festival and be [1] made by a queer director or written by a queer screenwriter OR [2] have substantial queer-content which is defined as major queer plotline/subject matter, subplot, character(s) or sensibility.  Then the Queer Lounge can help you publicize your film for FREE. 

  • Put up a one-sheet or poster of your film that you have created
  • Place the screening time(s) and venues of your film in our Queer Lounge program
  • Keep a clip or trailer available for patrons of the Lounge to view

Consider the Queer Lounge a great place to promote your film, especially if you are an independent filmmaker or producer who may not have the means to hire a publicist for your film. You’ve already gone through the gruel of making your film. Rest easier that Queer Lounge patrons are taking note of your film, whether they be potential audience members or a distributor, talent agent or other film professional.

. . . . .


REMINDER:  Deadlines are January 3 & January 7, 2005 for info & materials

Send a 30-45 second clip of your film for our show reel to be played in Queer Lounge (see details below)

If your feature or short film is an Official Selection of Sundance or another Park City film festival (Slamdance, Schmoozedance, etc) and has queer-content or is queer-made (the director and/or screenwriter), please download and fill out the following Publicity Questionnaire (MS Word document) and send via email by January 3, 2005 to:

Publicity & Materials Questionnaire (download MS Word doc)

Feature films:
Shorts films:
Please cc:

If you have problems downloading the document above, please answer the following questions #1-11 and send to the above contacts via email:

  1. Your name, Film Title, Film Festival selected and program, Role/Crew position on film, Contact information in Park City
  2. Director name and contact info.   Producer name and contact info.
  3. Will you allow Queer Lounge to publish in the program or on its website, contact info for a representative of your film?  If so, who?
  4. Up to 3 names of actors starring in the film
  5. Film format and running time
  6. A 30 to 40 word synopsis.  If there is queer-content, please try to include some description.
  7. If your short has no queer-content, can Queer Lounge identify you as an LGBT filmmaker?  Yes or No?
  8. A list of showtimes (including shorts program title if applicable), with venues
  9. A maximum of 3 high-resolution images (300 dpi or better)
  10. Are you, the director or talent available for a panel at Queer Lounge?
  11. What items below are you mailing?

This material will aid us in editing our Program Guide.

If you send any items, you represent that you or the director own the copyright to the materials and acknowledge that Queer Lounge has the right to edit, publish and display these materials. Queer Lounge also reserves the right to use/not use any information provided.  PLEASE NOTE: Queer Lounge is not responsible for lost materials.

We highly encourage you this year to send us a 30-45 second clip of your film, either a visually engaging trailer or scene (also with sound).  A clip from your film is a compelling way to promote your film and persuade audiences to see it.  Film clips should be:

  • Beta SP or DVD
  • Contain sound and also be visually engaging

We must receive your tape by January 7, 2005. Send to:

Queer Lounge Clip
2246 Edendale Place
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Queer Lounge will gladly accept your one-sheets, posters and postcards of your film.  We encourage you to create these items to promote your film. Please bring these items into the Queer Lounge in Park City, located next to the Sundance box office at:

Queer Lounge
136 Heber Avenue, Ste. 101-102
Park City, Utah 84060

. . . . .

What If My Film Didn't Get Into A Festival?
The Queer Lounge can still assist you. Although we cannot place your information in our Queer Lounge program or as flyers or posters in our space, please feel free to use our resources.  Bring a clip of your film on DVD or on ½ in. VHS tape, and you can sign-up to show this clip to a friend, a director, a producer you happen to meet, etc. at our Viewing Stations (Clips and trailers must be under 20 minutes).


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